The residence manager is Luki. She will try and help if you have any concerns, questions or difficulty during your stay. Luki will arrange transport to the villa on your arrival and can be contact while you are staying at the villa. Luki can arrange a cook or a driver so you can relax even more - please don’t hesitate to ask when you book the villa, or after you arrive.

It is also possible to arrange for a massage and/or spa treatment in the villa, if you’d prefer. Luki has a list of some excellent spa treatment staff who can provide this service - usually at a slightly cheaper rate than going to a normal spa.


imageJaini is our caretaker. He is responsible for maintaining the pool and the garden as well as ensuring that the interior is in good condition. While staying at the villa you will probably see Jaini a couple of times - either cleaning the pool or doing the garden. He is very friendly so please give him a smile - he doesn’t speak English well so that makes him shy. He will try not to disturb you as he goes about his business. He will only attend to the interior of the villa during your stay if there is a problem - otherwise you’ll only see in the garden or cleaning the pool.

There are two permanent staff servicing the property. Luki is the Resident Manager – she will take care of any issues or problems you encounter with the property during you stay (we hope there won’t be any!)

Zaini ( Zaini is pronounced Jaini) is our Caretaker. He will visit the property once or twice a week to tend the garden, check on the pool and do any other general maintenance that is required.

Cleaners will come through the property twice a week to do general cleaning.

If you require a maid service, this can be arranged for an additional fee with Luki. Maid service can include cooking, cleaning and making up rooms.